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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 16, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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just within the past hour secretary of state john kerry addressed the crisis as israel intensified the artillery attacks today. hamas fired more rockets into israel. >> our concern is to have a legitimacies fired. see if we can find a way to stop the conflict killing so we can get to the real issues that are undermining. and we're doing everything in our power. i've been in touch with benjamin netanyahu, the egyptians, the prime ministers with others in the region and we'll continue to dial up on. we're learning that health officials in gaza say four children were killed today in an israeli strike on a gaza port where children were playing. according to reports. msnbc martin fletcher joins us live. and we have ayman mojadidi on the phone from gaza. martin, as i understand it, right now israel's cab innocent
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ministers are asked to approve the drafting of 8,000 more soldiers. what can you tell us about that? >> that's right. they were calling the ministers by telephone in their homes to call up the 8,000 more reserve soldiers. they finished it and they agreed. israel approved the calling up of another 8,000 soldiers. it brings the total close to 50,000 reserves soldiers called up to join the army mass on the border with georgia stay. orders for ground invasion. many people are not on the board. they'll be intelligence. many are combat engineers. it suggests their getting ready for some kind of incursion into gaza. >> we heard new comments as you saw from secretary of state john kerry. he's saying our concern is to have a legitimate fire see if we can find a way to stop the conflict. from all reports today, including the information
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regarding thousands more new israeli troops perhaps being called up. it doesn't seem if as we're at the point where it could ceasefire could be reached in the next few days >>well, it goes hand and hand. on the one hand, israel is upping the ante getting red did to invade on the ground. at least make it appear they're about to do so or can do so. hand in hand with them israel wants a vees ficeasefire. tony blare flew there. the palestinian president in cairo. other meetings going on in the middle east. there's a lot of diplomatic opportunity to res recollect the egyptian propose of the ceasefire. hamas is governed in the negotiations. the security chief was in cairo. there's a great fear of the ground invasion. the casualty figure is going up quickly. we'll hear from ayman in gaza.
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but peace talks are not off the table. >> to your point, more casualties. let me bring in my colleague ayman mojadidi. four children killed in the israeli strike on a gaza port while the kids were playing. we have dramatic new video in of parents reacting to the death of those children. what is the latest information you have from your advantage point? >> we learned the identity of the four boys. they are four young men the ages of 10. two are 10 years old. one is 11, and one is 9 years old. as i understand it, one of the boys who survived the attack, there were a total of seven young men playing by the gaza sea port at 4ek 4:00 p.m. local time. two israeli shells landed in the area where they were playing. as a result that have, four young boys were killed. three were severely wounded. one wounded told me they had gone to the port to spend some
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of time and play by the water when the shelling happened. we witnessed the after math of that attack where the bodies were put in the ambulance, and ultimately taken through the hotel lobby where international media were. a lot of people witnessed the boys taken from the coast into the back of the ambulance into the hospital. it was at the hospital we saw the first reaction of parents as they started coming in finding out that their children were killed. you have probably seen the images on your screen. they're very emotional. it was a chaotic scene. parents after parents was hoping their kids was one of the one that survived. as they lived to the part of the hospital where the children's bodies were, officials quickly told them and the word spread. the identities of the four kids. we now understand that the bodies have been released from the hospital. the families were allowed to take the bodies for the funeral. the funeral happened a short
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while ago. it gives you a sense of the rapid pace at which the casualty toll here is rising and the amount of suffering that even innocent children playing by the water are no longer safe. >> thank you for the information. we'll keep our audience up to date. we're following the extreme weather being felt in every part of the country. even more severe storms are expected today. part was new england are still under flood warnings. downed trees are also creating major problems. leaving lanes blocked and power lines down. in parts of new york and new jersey, the flooding so was bad traffic was backed up for hours on major highways and bridges including new york's george washington bridge. traffic was brought to a stand still for hours. out west more storms are expect to hit. people in california were hit with a rare summer hailstorm. while there's rain and hail in some areas, california is dealing with the worst drought
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in history. in fact, it's gotten so bad the state will be the first in the nation to issue hefty fines for people caught wasting water outdoors. joining me now karl parker. let's start with mike who has more on what has become california's drought emergency. what are the warnings there, mike? >> the warnings are dire, tamron. it's a story building for a couple of years. somehow it's been out of the headlines for a month or so people forget about it. the story that happened last night snuck up on people. because of regulations now passed unanimously last night in a late night meeting it will be hefty fines for people who violate water conservation measures for things like washing your car our watering your plants or wlaun a hose that doesn't have a shutoff. washing off cement, letting runoff occur from the watering outside watering practice. having a water or water feature that doesn't use recycled water.
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each of the violations and they're now violations to be enforced result in a fine of up to $500 and for water suppliers the fines could be $10,000 a day if they ignore or defie any court-ordered conservation measures. these are a series of drastic steps, the state, as you point out, are in drought conditions. more extreme than records that have been kept in the late 1880s. governor jerry brown twice declared a extreme doubt emergency. in fact, water use ticked through a year ago this month. we'll see what happens. it's set to begin on august 1st. thank you. karl, let's talk about the weather today. coast to coast just a mixed bag of things from the drought to the rough thunderstorms we gnaw this area. what are we getting today? >> well, today we're looking at heavy rain across a good part of the northeast.
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it's not moving that much. very lslowly to the east. i want to begin a look at the last six hours of radar. you notice how much rain has fallen there in southeastern new england. there are still flash flood warnings in effect. there's one until 2:30 this afternoon for bristol, new port, prelim moth counties. notice the thunderstorms driving into the area. that's why the flash flood warning has been issued. there's concern about falling trees when you have saturated ground and you add a little bit of wind, that'll bring the trees down. remember, this the area that was saturated by hurricane arthur not very long ago. that's why we're having these flooding problems now. a lot of moisture climbing up and along the coast. there's cooler air not very far away that is going to come in tomorrow. that's going to end these problems in the northeast looking at 81 degrees. much drier there in boston. beautiful day in the tristate area and 75 degrees in
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pittsburgh. problems in florida right now. quite a light show in the central part of the state. some showers and storms in the central plains. this is where the severe weather is most likely could be wind and hail today. that will drop a little far southward tomorrow and get to the metroplex. what is good about this we've had a terrible drought in west texas and oklahoma, in particular. over the next seven days we'll get a good drink out of the weather pattern with the front that draped across the southern plains. it's going help things out there where it's been so dry for so long. house lawmakers are bracing to move forward on legislation to address the border crisis with just two weeks left before the recess. up next a live report from arizona. also ahead. >> do you like commuting to work or a home office? >> i've spent so many years commuting, i kind of prefer a home office. >> hillary clinton on the daily
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ho show. and it's part of the first read. >> this california if you have money, you can get anything. i think this is exhibit a. >> is that true? new reaction to a billionaire's proposal to divide california into six separate states. many saw it as a joke in the beginning. and now the issue could actually go before voters. join our conversation online. you can find my team at "newsnation." you can find me facebook, twitter, and instagram under my name, tamron hall. gain flings smell so amazing... they're like music to your nose! ♪ your love... ♪ ♪ love keeps lifting me... ♪ ♪ higher and higher! lift your love with gain flings. more gain scent, plus oxi boost and febreze for three big things in one gain fling! it's our best gain ever. ♪ higher and higher! ♪ higher and higher!
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with only two weeks left before they leave for recess, house lawmakers are racing to pass some measures that would address the growing crisis on the border. it would likely be house
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republican's counter offer to president obama's emergency spending request. it's unclear what that would entail, some democrats republican appear to be coming together on a separate bipartisan bill that would make it easier to return unaccompanied mine minors back to their home countries fast per harry reid said he's not going support it. >> the cornyn legislation covers a lot of other issues other than the problem at the border. remember, had we done comprehensive immigration reform we wouldn't be having the issue. everyone here -- the border is secure. >> closer to the border tensions flared yesterday as opposed protesters clashed where a group of undocumented children were expected to arrive. joining me now the arizona republic. as i understand it, you were there yesterday where the children never showed up. now federal officials say they
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had no knowledge that the children were being moved to the camp. what do you know about this? >> yes, kind of what we've heard the reports initially came from the local sheriff the children were going to be transferred. he said he heard from whistle blowers within dhs that this transfer was happening. but then it about noon we started to hear reports that there weren't going to be any children transferred. they came from local congressman. but it seemed to conflict with the release that was given out by that organization that was meant to house those children the sycamore canyon academy. they said they would be housing the children. i had a voice mail from the program director saying they were going to be housing the children. there hasn't been any knowledge of when that might be happening. >> you refer to the sheriff. let me play what he had to say yesterday. >> i have very strong opinions and believe that the rule of law has been undermined by the
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president himself. i have to enforce my deputies have to enforce the law and every citizens here. law applies to us. the law does notlonger apply to people from foreign countries who are immigrants. they have broken the law. the president has said the law doesn't apply for them. >> the concern, i think, the sheriff, there are many he may be ripping up people into a frenzy. in arizona a lawmaker mistook a bus carrying ymca campers for the bus of undocumented children. let me play -- we have the tweet that went out. bus coming in. this is not compassion. and they go on to include a photograph but it was a ymca bus and not a bus carrying undocumented children. >> yes. that's true. as soon as people saw the buses coming up the road, they entered the streets. there was a lot of shouting. but then once they realized the
8:17 am
confusi confusion, the kids on the bus were waiving and smiling and taking out the iphones. word came out they were campers heading up to a summer camp in the mountains, and people dispersed a little bit after that. but there was certainly some confusion. >> i can't imagine being the parent of a kid who is going to camp at the ymca and you have a republican arizona state legislator congressional candidate tweeting out that my kid is an undocumented child and ripping people up to the point they are around the bus. what kind of -- are the people -- meaning the sheriff and even the lawmakers getting any backlash from folks there? >> yeah. so there was a pretty -- there was a contingent of 50 to 75 people who were supportive of the children and hoping to really give a message of welcome. they held signs that said welcome. they wanted to show the humanity. they felt the views of the sheriff and some of the more
8:18 am
upset people didn't represent their community. >> thank you so much with the arizona republic. we appreciate you joining us. up next police are revealing terrifying new details about sandra bullock's encounter with an alleged stalker inside her home. what happened when he came face to face with the man. the director of the cbc defense the agency as lawmaker question him over recent blunders involving bird flu and live anthrax. it's one of the things we thought you should know. time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. jennifer is the founder of la-based clone bee baby. an ecofriendly cleaning service for car seats and strollers. she partners with brands moms already love. a win-win situation for everyone.
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8:22 am
going on. she saw a man wearing dark clothing right in her hallway. bullock locked herself in the room and didn't come out until police lived. the suspect was still there and police took him into custody. this is joshua corbett facing several felony charges and in jail awaiting trial. joining me now is national correspondent. there are reports he was out on bail which was a part of my "today" show report. separate from that, the incident is horrifying for anyone. but she has had to deal with this individual for some time. >> for a long time. and also for sandra, she had a stalker in 2010. she had to file a restraining order against him. another gentleman. this one she was in her home in los angeles, got there about 1:00 a.m. about 6:30 she heard banging she thought from the gym. went out to see and saw the man, joshua corbett, fully clothed and ran back into her room. she had a panic door. locked herself in and called
8:23 am
9-1-1. he's charged with 189 felonies. >> even as they arrested him. they found a letter on him it said in part, i will forever be thinking of you and you my wife by law and my wife by god. they found a machine gun and other weapons. >> he a notebook and pictures of sandra. they raided his house and car and he has a private plane lans. they found machine guns. why is the guy stocking up an arsenal of weapons. >> it's terrifying he was able to think he was get in the home. hollywood reporter covered her for many years and she's well protected. she often has security. getting into her home, which he referred to as fortified, would have taken a great amount of effort on the part of the individual. >> absolutely. and the individual, when he was detained by police, he said he got in the home to show sandra she wasn't safe. she had to scale two gates that have barbed wire, security
8:24 am
officers, and had to cross through video cameras. he did it and got through a glass door that was locked at the time. but every time i've interviewed sandra she security. she has a beautiful little boy and he was not the home? >> no. she was back in l.a. attending the spike tv awards the night before. a couple of nights before that she had another awards show. the guy joshua said he was watching if her for several days. >> thank you so much. it's great to have you on as always under these circumstance it's tough. is chris christie too l liber liberal. mark murray is up. also ahead. >> i think it makes zero sense to leave california the way it is. the government just isn't working. >> a billionaire is defending
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his idea to carve california into six separate states. why the effort once called a joke could be a reality. the latest from l.a. times reporter. >> plus this. [ cheers and applause ] even this texas rangers fan was choked up by the moment. it all-star send out for derek jeter. we have the highlights and message to young players. i'll talk live with one of my favorite people in the world, legendary sports journalist. [guy] i know what you're thinking- you're thinking beneful. [announcer]beneful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. [guy] you love it so much. yes you do. but it's good for you, too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina.
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8:29 am
test. >> this is good. >> it can help you. >> this is good. i'm ready. >> do you like commuting to work or do you like a home office? what is your -- >> you know i've spent so many years commuting, i kind of prefer a home office. that's where i wrote my book. it was on the third floor of house. the conservative group is slamming christie ahead of the new jersey governor's upcoming trip to iowa. christie's three-city swing through the state marks the most significant foray into the presidential sweep stakes since the washington bridge scandal. an ad campaign by a group called the judicial crisis network try to paint the governor as a liberal. >> chrisstie promised to change new jersey's liberal supreme court. five openings later, no change. instead a liberal democrat for chief justice. tell christie our country needs judges who respect the rule of
8:30 am
law. skrojoining me now is mark murray. let's start off with hillary clinton. i want to play one more comment from her regarding the words she referred to dead broke when talking about her finances and how she tried to clean it up. let's play it. >> words obviously. bill and i worked hard and we've been successful. i'm grateful for that. but what i worry about, and i talk about this in the book, is i'm worried that other people and particularly younger people will not have the same opportunities we did because even though we came from, you know, great circumstances in terms of our family loving us and bill had a much more difficult upbringing than i did. but still, we believe that we could pretty much make our way up the ladder. and now i think a lot of particularly young people don't believe that anymore. that bothers me a lot. >> there you have it. all things covered from what type of officer she would like to clarification on the dead broke comment >>well, tamron, her book that
8:31 am
has been the thing that launched a thousand tv interviews as well as a different thousand questions on how to ask if she's going run in 2016 or not. jon stewart was the most inventive on the app attitude test. regarding the dead broke comment. the answer hillary clinton gave there was a better answer than she gave very early on in the book tour. it's worth noting that the book tour has been going on for a month. she said what she said on the daily show. i'm not sure if it was blown up. she's dealing with the new media environment if she decides to run for the presidency. we know this firsthand the way we covered presidential campaigns and politics is much different now than back in 2007 and 2008. >> ha is strange even for you to say. it's true the new media world in just a course of a couple of years from twitter just starting to take off to all things that are instagram and out there now
8:32 am
that is interesting. to chris christie. you know you're in trouble when they show a picture of you with president obama. look what happened to governor charlie chris. attacking a republican by showing him with president obama. what would you make of this? >> chris christie had a problem with concerted groups and the folks on the right, the tea party folks, but what has been so damaging from the whole bridge gate scandal his strengths are with the middle. even with democrats and democratic supporters, they now all of a sudden after bridge gate you have the conservatives that never liked christie in the first place and now you have the middle as well as democrats who are down on him. that's not a good position to be. it shows you when you look at the poll numbers why bridge gate has been hurtful to him. it's worth noting that bridgegate isn't going away. there are investigations ongoing. christie is making a foray into iowa, until that stuff is done,
8:33 am
we're really not going to be able to judge his presidential prospects. >> all right. mark murray, a pleasure seeing you. see you tomorrow. now to california where voters could decide whether to, well, split it up in six separate states. billionaire venture capitalist, tim draper, said the campaign for six californias got enough support to put the initiative on the ballot in november of 2016, and he turned in 1.3 million signatures yesterday. just moments ago he told my colleague that the state is so big that ungovernable and people have lost touch with their lawmakers. >> it's very difficult to manage something where you're a state of 38 million people who have varying interests all over the state. how do you manage a group in san diego who thinks one thing about immigration reform, and people in silicon valley think an entirely different thing. the cofounder calls draper's
8:34 am
plan a waste of time and money. >> the cost of creating six legislatures with 600 more politicians cost billions and billions and billions of dollars. i wish he would spend the millions of dollars to improve the schools in california if you have money, you can get anything on the ballot. i think this is exhibit a. >> so skrojoining me now is chr from the los angeles times. thank you for joins us this morning. as we pointed out, people thought it was a joke that, you know, whatever this rich guy maybe had lost it. he has been able to come up with 1.3 million signatures as of yesterday. what is the read there on this? >> in california if you have the money, you put just about anything on the ballot. he put millions of dollars into his own money into collecting petition signatured and hired people to go out there and collect the signatures.
8:35 am
and, you know, people really thought that it was a long shot to even get it on the ballot. it's a long shot before it could become a reality. people are surprised it's moving forward and he was serious. >> what it brings up, of course, from california to any other state that you can point out is how much money has an influence in this country when it comes to politics? i think that's not a big aha moment. but it angers some people. you had folks who say the money could be spent helping the education system and other great issues that californians are facing. >> california is no stranger to having people with incredibly deep pockets pick a pet issue and push it all year. you know, two years ago, we had people -- a brother and sister they put tens of millions of dollars into a handful of ballot initiatives to push the issues they cared about. in california, you know, historically it was supposed to be a way for the average voter to have a voice through the
8:36 am
initiative system when the legislature wouldn't listen they would push things into the ballot. it's turning into a tool of rich people pushing the pet issue. >> draper has a lot of cash. in 2000 and his father spent $23 million that would have provided government funding vouchers for kids to go to school. sheer a smart business guy, the counter argument if california were to break up into six separate states they would be four states in the country. >> splitting california up, just talking about it showcases some of the divides economically within the state. the central valley would have a poverty rate of something like 20% as posed to silicon valley one out of every ten households would have an income above $100,000 a year. really a stark divide across the sate. and some liberal activist groups are concerned you would be marooning people in these poor
8:37 am
communities and cut off from the tax revenue from the richer communities. >> obviously, to your point getting this to the reality form is just not going to happen. there there any substantiative issues he brings out that even people who are opposed to his idea feel that they need to be discussed? >> well, i think people are concerned about inequality california and how to find ways to address it. i think people are concerned about the idea that government responsive locally to concerns, i mean, people in the legislature in california represent a wide area, and all people don't feel connected to their local representatives either because they're not paying attention or don't feel it effeaffects them. governor jerry brown highlighted this about pushing government closer to the average voter. but at the same time i adopt think there's a ground well of people that want to divide california. >> i think you're probably right
8:38 am
there. we appreciate you joining us. take care. right now a deadly typhoon is forecast to intensify as it head towards vietnam and china. it's one of the stories we're following around the "newsnation." incredible i havideo. today marks 45 years since the first man landed on the moon. the new book looks at the triumph, struggles. we'll talk live. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico.
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where memories will be forged into the sand. and then hung on a wall for years to come. get out there, with over 50,000 hotels at $150 dollars or less. expedia. find yours. the massive deadly they foon that battered the philippines tops the stories today. dramatic video shows how wind and heavy rain are costing coastal towns that are battering coastal towns at the hour. ten people confirmed dead. more than 370,000 people have been evacuated from their homes.
8:42 am
the country is strug thing to recovering from the massive typhoon in november where 61 people died. more than 20 people are injured after the plane ran into severe turbulence during a flight to hong kong. the plane hit turbulence over the capital of malaysia. medics were on hand to assist passengers one they landed. two of the injuries are critical. a man behind bars after he broke into the kennedy compound last night in massachusetts. according investigators, the suspect claimed he was inside the home because he wanted to talk to a member of the kennedy family. he was looking for katy perry. one singer was inside. highlights from derrick jeter's all-star game. >> i'm happy i had a chance last night. >> last night's memorable moments. how baseball's first openly gay
8:43 am
player is transforming the league two decades after his death. up next emmy award winning sports caster. >> do you agree with the critics who say the ballot initiative to divide california into six states is a waste of money. be sure to like the "newsnation" on facebook. wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you could possibly imagine. say it with me -- everything. one more time, everything! and with that in mind... what's in your wallet? fancy feast broths. and with that in mind... they're irresistabowl... completely unbelievabowl... totally delectabowl.
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45 years ago launching from kennedy space center in florida. neil armstrong lead a group of astronauts on the mission to space. he became the first man to walk on the moon. whole country glued to the tv. covering it all for nbc news was the handsome jay barbre. covering every single astronaut mission and moon landing and
8:47 am
became a close friend of neil armstrong has written about the american icon. i'm thrilled to have jay with us on the show. we've run into technical difficulties, so jay has a phone up to your ear. we would not -- if it happened to any other guests we would say we've got a technical problem and can't talk. because it's you're able to take the jacked up live shot with the phone. never the less! >> that's because you love me, tamron! you know that. you're my dream girl. and god bless you n. >> thank you, sir! your book is on the side of my bed. i've been reading it glued to every page. you've had an incredible journey. you watched the astronauts who have become real american heros through their journey. with armstrong it's complex when you look at the life after the space program, his opinions, and how he lived under the burden in some ways of the legacy >>well, you know, tamron, we did
8:48 am
a series of reports for just before he died, and we often talked about doing this book. once he passed away, we looked at one another, we being john glenn, jim, and tom stafford, the apollo astronauts and said if we don't get neil's book out there won't be anyone around. we wrote it good or bad. i'm glad you're enjoying it. we did the last shuttle mission. i'm going to hold on here and be here when we come back. we're going to do the next mission together, tamron. that's one thing i have yet to live and look forward to. >> i look forward to it as well. we talk about the next mission. in your book neil armstrong spent his last days disappointed in our space program. he felt it had been abandoned. it's something we talked about a lot at the last shuttle launch. where we'll go next and if the
8:49 am
space program will be dependent upon the russians and other private companies. very different from what you covered for many years. >> that's very true. and everyone under 45 years of age, and that's over half of the people on this planet today, weren't here when neil armstrong walk order the moon. now before he departed, he wanted to see us get back into space exploration. we have not been out of earth orbit for 42 years. he wanted us to start exploring in increments. finally nasa is building the heavy lift rocket. they're building the o'ryan spacecraft. it will fly later this year for the first time. in three or four years, we could be flying the first mission with the new heavy lift rocket going around the moon with the o'ryan and coming back. it's planned for unmanned. i wouldn't doubt if they go
8:50 am
ahead and man it. the guys want to get out there so badly. we have to realize we're on a spacecraft ourselves. it's 8,000 miles in diameter, and it's finite. one day it's going to kick us off, and we better be ready to go somewhere if we want the human species to survive. >> well, we adore you. again, jay's book is "neil armstrong: a life of flight." great to see you the other day in new york and get a hug from you. thanks, jay. >> thank you, tamron. love you, girl. bye-bye. >> i always blush when i tuk to him. there's a story we brought to you earlier about the plan to split up california will into six possible states possibly on the ballot in 2016. 38 million residents would be better served by smaller government giving everyone a first start. he filed more than a million signatures yesterday and hosted the initiative qualifying for the ballot. some say it's a colossal waste
8:51 am
of time. do you agree with those who say the six-state ballot initiative is a waste of money cast your vote. take a look at what the news nation is saying about yesterday's gut check. we asked if you thought cell phones should have warning labels that radiation may cause brain cancer even though there's no medical research proving it. 71% of you said yes 29% say no. finally, it was derek jeter's night in the all-star game in minneapolis. the yankee captain played in his final all-star game before he retires at the end of the season. he was cheered as he was introduced in the starting lineup and when he came up to bat in the bottom of the first inning. >> now batting for the american league, from the new york yankees, shortstop, number 2, derek jeter. >> fan and fellow all-star players alike applauded derek
8:52 am
jeter. at his first at-bat, a double down the right field line and would score the first of the american league's run and would get another hit in the third inning. the real reception came in the top of the fourth when he was taken out of the game. the cheering moment three minutes long as he left the field. >> never taken any all-star games for granted, and any player that says that they don't want to go to an all-star game is lying to you. this is something everyone wants to be a part of. i've been fortunate to be a part of a few of then, and i'm happy that i had a chance to do it one last time. >> joining me now in studio, veteran news sportscaster lynn berman who is jealous that jay bar bury was able to hold his cell phone up. spt that cool? let's talk about jeter. you're not >> you're not a fan. >> i wondered if he was a texas ranger he would be more loved. >> that's what the critics have loved. part of his greatness comes from
8:53 am
the fact he was on the new york yankees surrounded by great stars. are you going to diminish mickey mantle and babe ruth? yes, perhaps if jeter was playing in kansas city he wouldn't be -- >> why are you baiting me into a fight? >> i walked up she said, derek's not that great, is he? >> i said, is he that great? >> i'll tell you what makes him rema remarkable, not only his accomplishments on the field, he rises to the occasion. >> and at a time when major league baseball, i covered the home run derby for sammy sosa, all the bad things that happened to baseball after that, he is a guy that has lived as it seems an upand uplife and dedicated to the game and fans. i'll give you that. >> 20 years in the world's largest media market. in this instagram, tmz, facebook world, there hasn't been a hint of scandal. i think that's absolutely remarkable. plus, he's played his entire
8:54 am
career in a yankees uniform. there have been some great, great new york athletes who didn't just wear one uniform, babe ruth, collide frasier, joe namath. the fact that he did it all as a yankee, rose to the occasion. yes, waez surrounded by great players. not a hint of scandal. and his numbers. >> so i'm sold. >> now we'll start on alex rodriguez next. no, i won't be able to do that. >> but yesterday's game did have a little scandal. some people were questioning the double. what's the deal there? >> they thought adam wainwright grooved the pitch. at first he said he did let jeter hit it. then he back-tracked. if he did, so what? first of all, it's an exhibition. number two, i know they base the home field advantage for the world series on the all-star game so there is gravitas to it. as jeter said, even if he threw it where i wanted it, you still
8:55 am
have to hit it. >> i got a little choked up because we take life for grapt and the daily events. he said enjoy every day because it goes fast. >> it's amazing because i have covered jeter since he was a rookie in '96. it's amazing how this has flown. he's right. it applies to any career. >> it does. >> stop and enjoy. >> the player timely given his due on a grand stage in major league baseball, pioneer. and he didn't know it. >> he didn't know it. billy dean, not to be confused with the oakland a's billy dean, will head a diversity unit. he came out after -- there's never been an active major leaguer who has said he's gay. but it's all for the better. all for the good. >> a good look for major league baseball. >> it worked out well. not bad. unfortunately the ratings continue to decline for baseball. it's a whole other issue. >> it is. i'm sold. >> sold on jeter? >> we're headed up to the lower east side 0 to get my tattoo, jeter for life. >> we'll see that on the "today"
8:56 am
show. >> thank you, lynn. i'm tamron hall. thank you for joining me for this hour. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." by taking it to an expert ford technician. because no matter your destination good maintenance helps you save at the pump. get our multi-point inspection with a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection and more for $29.95 or less. get a complete vehicle checkup only at your ford dealer. we're changing the way we do business, with startup ny. we've created tax free zones throughout the state. and startup ny companies will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and infrastructure. thanks to startup ny, businesses can operate tax free for 10 years. no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs.
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports", in the line of fire. 24 hours after hamas rejected a cease-fire, israel intensifies its attacks, accidentally killing several children at play. >> it was a scene of just complete chaos, an emotional scene for the parents of this young boy. the mothering who arrived at the hospital not sure whether her son was one of the victims was then told by another relative that he in fact had died. the home office. on the 2016 question, jon stewart puts hillary clinton to the test. >> i have a career aptitude test. >> this is good. i'm ready. >> do you have a favorite shape for that home office?
9:00 am
do you like -- would you like that office -- would you like it to have corners or not to have corners? >> you know, i think that the world is so complicated the fewer corners that you can have, the better. plus, all-star salute. the retiring yankee captain is a big hit at his final all-star game, leading off with a double and scoring the first run. israel stepped up its attacks on gaza after that


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